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fertilizer 21 vatlhvI' caprolactam Grade Crystalline Granule Ammonium Sulphate

basic De':

no.:7783 ghantoH-20-2buv: voQSIp Fertilizer
release Segh: Qapchu'infection Soil: Physiological pey
chemical vuDmey'e': Chemical peyHoch: qut
Segh: Manurespecification: gb535-1995

mung: shandong, china(mainland)

hs ngoq: 31022100

nI'taHvIS maH jen laHlIj. chIS crystalline ammonium sulphate granule jen voQSIp 'eS moisture (by-product caprolactam) je supply. DuHIvDI' Hoch sulfate ammonium noy Sep-lach'eghDI' chemical 'entepray' chel whom nI'taHvIS friendly relations cooperation cher maH. laH 300000 metric tons SIch 'ej wejDIch jawbe' rap industry qaStaHvIS jungwoq ammonium sulfate annual output. reH tugh wey laHlIj vISIQlaHbe'bogh wa'DIch credibility supreme, sincerely dedicated nIvbogh vIta'meH requirements ghom DuHIvDI' je.

formula: (nh4) 2so4.
applications: laH Hoch wo' lo' law' fertilizer; je lo' composite fertilizer, potassium sulfate, ammonium chloride etc lIng.

features: chIS color qut je impurities visible pagh mechanical. Hergh soluble qaStaHvIS bIQ, insoluble pa' ethanol acetone, pagh chaq hygroscopicity; laH SoQHommey je alkalis 'ej ammonia SIp release.
voQSIp 'a ghIH: vatlhvI' 21.0.
'a ghIH bIQ: vatlhvI' 0.04.
pey 'a ghIH tlhab: 0.003 vatlhvI'.
ngI' net: 25 kg ghap pack.
package: Woven bag je mep liner pagh according to requirements.
payment: l/c DeSDu' puS pagh rut ghap rut pagh d ghap p yo'a'neS Hajmo' DeSDu' puS.

product Description

product: Hogh domestic ammonium sulfate malja''e' turnover wov, downstream manufactures je' 'ay' obvious, cater malja''e' pe' 'ay' high-end 'ay'

ups je downs Sep nuv DanoHmeH nuv malja''e' consolidation yay' overall industry mIr upstream sulphuric pey, 'a vIvup nandi, overall trend, downstream ammonium chloride 'ay' ngaDmoH basically, laSvargh rate Qap beQ, DoH normall

industry: fertilizer vulnerable, ngaDmoH laSvargh production wey rate Qap malja''e' ratlh 'eS runningdownstream distributors bearish malja''e'

macro: august 4th chemical index lang 644, tInwI' 1 lang vo' wa'Hu', pong 36.61 vatlhvI', compared je 01 neH 2016.31.600 lang woDDI' 7.33%points pum nIv lang neH cycle 1016 lang (2012-03-13).

note: refers cycle 2011-12-01 Suvmo'.

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